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Orientation and Belay

The Orientation

Everyone climbing at Boulders must go through The Orientation their first time visiting. In The Orientation we familiarize you with the facility, the equipment you’ll be using (harness, rock shoes, carabiners, crash-pads, Auto-belays, etc...), the gym rules, and the types of climbing we have in the gym along with necessary safety information concerning bouldering, spotting, auto-belays, etc... Expect The Orientation to last about 10-15 min. Orientations are given on a walk-in basis.

Top-Rope Belay Class

To belay means to manage the rope for the climber. If you want to belay at Boulders you must be at least 14 years old and complete the Belay Class. Belay is not hard to learn, but as you can imagine, it is extremely important to do correctly. A good belay partner is valuable in the climbing community, imagine being the person 40ft up the wall and ask yourself how important the person on the ground holding the rope is. In the Belay class you become familiar with the Gri-Gri belay device, locking carabiners, standard verbal commands, proper double checks, and solid belay technique. The Belay Class is offered on a walk-in basis when an instructor is available and generally follows The Orientation. The Belay Class is free with a Day Pass, takes at least 30 minutes, and always includes a Belay Check. Other than harness rental there is no charge for the Belay Class if you are a parent or friend that is only going to belay ($3 harness rental fee waived for birthday party belay helpers).

*If you do not have someone to belay for you its OK, we have several auto-belays that allow you to climb all the way to the top without needing a belay partner! (children under 14 still need to be accompanied by an adult) 

Top-Rope Belay Check

During The Belay Check you must demonstrate competent belay skills: proper setup and double checks of the equipment including standard verbal commands, solid belay technique maintaining the brake hand on the brake rope, the habit of braking instinctively and regularly, and safely lowering the climber using a Gri-Gri belay device. Once you pass the belay check you will be entered into our system as Belay Certified. After you are Certified we will occasionally ask you to do a quick Belay Check, especially if you haven't been in for a while.

*If you're already in the system as Belay Certified you can always ask for a refresher check if you're feeling a little rusty or just ask to retake the Belay Class.  

Lead Belay and Lead Climbing Certification Test

In order to lead belay or lead climb at Boulders you must pass the Lead Belay and Lead Climbing Certification Test. During this test you must first demonstrate the ability to climb 5.10 with calm and control on top-rope. Then, at the lead wall, demonstrate that you can: tie-in properly; clip properly (no back-clips, no z-clips); avoid rope hazards; perform a proper verbal, visual, and physical check prior to the climber leaving the ground; properly use equipment; execute an acceptable belay technique; etc... We are mainly looking for overall competence in lead climbing and lead belay. The test is free the first time, if you do not pass you must take the test another day and pay $20 or take the Indoor Lead-Climbing Class. If you have taken Boulders' Indoor Lead Class you can test for free until you pass. The Test must be administered by a qualified staff member (it takes about 15-30 min). You must provide your own belay device when taking the Lead Test, and whenever leading at Boulders. We have lead ropes available upon request.

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